Shahbano follows none but one simple rule, to rule the Ritzy Realm: ‘FORCE YOUR DICTATES!’ Having spent her glorious years in the glitzy galore of the world of fashion and style, Shahbano has finally come into her own! Refining and redefining the traditional concepts, Shahbano has emerged as the ultimate ruler of the fashion scene’s ravishing regime. Through her art of balancing classics with the contemporary, Shahbano slices her way to the top of the fashion high street by wielding her ultimate cut, the true essence of her superior craftsmanship. Starting with a singularly scintillating range of bridal couture and subtle strokes of lighter prêt, Shahbano is yet to reveal an array of secret weapons in her armoury of semi-formals and casuals in natural fabrics and fashion accessories, for the battles ahead...
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